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2018 Bees & Equipment (More Info available in January)

Bee-Ginner Kits (includes bees & class)

Updated Flyer with Details

We have developed a great way to get started in beekeeping.  This kit includes BEES, starter hive, veil, Hands-on Class, Mentoring, smoker, hive tool, and more.  Everything needed to get started.  You will pay a $175 deposit to reserve your kit and then pay the balance when you attend class and pick up your bees in April or May.  Total cost is $325 if reserved before Christmas, ($340 Jan, $345 Feb, $350 Mar, $355 April, $360 May).

Package Bees & Nucs

We will have package bees and nucs in April and May.  The price won't bee determined until January.  Those who reserve a package will have the option to upgrade to a limited supply of nucs, based on first-come-first-serve package reservations.  Price will be lower based on how many are reserved and how early.  Exact price list posted in January.

Beekeeping Equipment

We will have a complete selection of beekeeping supplies and equipmnt in the spring, including the use of foundation making and frame assembly equipment in the store.