2018 Bees & Equipment (More Info available in January)

Bee-Ginner Kits (includes bees & class)

Updated Flyer with Details

We have developed a great way to get started in beekeeping.  This kit includes BEES, starter hive, veil, Hands-on Class, Mentoring, smoker, hive tool, and more.  Everything needed to get started.  You will pay a $175 deposit to reserve your kit and then pay the balance when you attend class and pick up your bees in April or May.  Total cost varies by when you pay your deposit ($340 Jan, $345 Feb, $350 Mar, $355 April, $360 May).  We will finalize the schedule for classes and bee pick-up as details become available.  Plan on late April and early May.  We also offer classes to help you get started.

Package Bees & Nucs

We are now accepting deposits to reserve bees for pickup in April and May.  These are 3 lb packages with Italian Queens.  There is a $75 deposit to reserve with the balance due upon pick-up.  Details ONLINE.

Nuc info and availability will be posted later.  Nucs will be sold first-come-first-serve as upgrades to packages reserved.  Reserve yours at https://squareup.com/store/anthonys-beehive

Beekeeping Equipment

We will have a complete selection of beekeeping supplies and equipmnt in the spring, including the use of foundation making and frame assembly equipment in the store.