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Want Bees?  We are offering an easy and affordable way to start your beekeeping hobby.  We provide hands-on classes, ongoing support, a starter hive complete with bees, medication, and equipment.  Ideal for aspiring beekeepers in URBAN or RURAL situations. email us to get "on the list" to bee notified.

Have you ever thought about getting into Beekeeping, but just didn't know where to start?  START WITH US!  We have put together a fun, affordable, program to help anyone get involved in this wonderful hobby.

In addition to package bees and nucs, we will bee offering hands-on classes for aspiring beekeepers.  The 3-hour long class is $40 for you and $20 for a friend to participate with you.  

     We also have bees and equipment available to order in advance.  The anticipated pick up date for packages is May 9, 2014 (or earlier for a limited supply of Nucs).  

     Our complete beginners kit is $450 (
only $400 if ordered prior to March 1).  This includes bees, a 2-story hive with foundation, a super, a smoker, hat & veil, hive tool, gloves, and the class - along with ongoing support as needed.  There is no better way to get started!

     Click below for more info or to order online
.  A DEPOSIT  of $60 is required for a 3# Package, $70 for a nuc, or $200 for the Complete Kit.