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Pure Raw Kansas Honey

About Anthony's Honey
We never add anything to our delicious light sweet honey.  We strain it coarsely and only lightly heat it (around 105 degrees F) in order to maintain the unique nutritional benefits of RAW natural honey. The primary nectar source is clover, along with about 150 other flowers from the fields of Northeast Kansas.
     We do not claim that our honey is organic as bees can work areas ranging from 2,500 to 50,000 acres and there is no way to know for certain what the bees are exposed to during their extensive travels. Furthermore, honey often labeled as organic in stores is actually imported honey from countries where beekeeping and oversight is very different from the USA.
Purchasing Anthony's Honey
      You can purchase our honey by downloading the order form on our Products page.  For safety and shipping reasons, we pack in plastic instead of glass. If you visit us at farmer's market, we will refill your container for you at a substantial savings. To buy honey from us in person, please visit the Lawrence Farmer's Market on Saturday mornings or the Kansas City Market on Sundays. We also have honey in a number of retail stores.