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Swarm Capture and Bee Removal Services
People are becoming increasingly aware that honeybees are a vital insect.  Less than a decade ago, honeybees were unwelcome visitors when they moved into "human territory".  People's fear of being stung was greater than their appreciation for this amazing insect.  Publicity about honeybees and the challenges that they face has changed this for the better.  People no longer call us asking how to kill honeybees that have taken up residence in or near their homes.  Instead they call asking how to save these bees.  This increased demand for bee removal, along with the presence of unethical bee removal services, has prompted us to become more active in helping people remove honeybee hives from their homes.  In order to make an informed decision regarding honeybee removal, homeowners should have some basic background regarding how the bees got there in the first place.  In spring or early summer, strong honeybee colonies begin the process of "making" a new queen. Days before her successor emerges, the old queen leaves and takes half the colony with her.  Their mission is to create a new hive in a suitable location.  This is called a swarm and, although intimidating to look at, their stinging instinct is greatly reduced since they do not have a home to defend.  When the swarm's search for a new home crosses paths with humans, one of the situations below will occur.  In either case, we can often help safely remove the bees and put them to good use in one of our apiaries.
Often, we capture swarms for free or for a small charge based on mileage and special circumstances.  Once a colony has become established, however, thing become much more compicated and a fee is necessary.  For details and pricing, please view our Bee Removal Contract.