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If you haven't had a chance to check out Anthony's heartwarming story, please visit our Home Page.  Learn more About Us below: 

Mission Statement

To build a viable business that provides a means for Anthony to overcome the barriers set in place by his disabilities, while showing respect to all persons that we encounter along the way.  We will only produce quality natural products using pure ingredients from the "Heart of the Hive".    

Our Goals

* For Anthony to be able to support himself with dignity doing something he is passionate about.

* Help the bee population in our apiaries as well as throughout the world.

* To create a nationally recognized brand strong enough to provide financial support for our other goals.

* To provide inspiration and resources for persons with disabilities to achieve success through entrepreneurship, and for Anthony to serve as a role model and spokesperson.

 Customer Philosophy

* Every customer is important to us and we aim to achieve complete customer sastification as an unhappy customer is a lost customer.  We take pride in offering first class service, therefore please contact us for questions or concerns about your order.  Thank you for your business.